The Dr. TIS – Technology, Innovation and Health – is a São Paulo-based company that works with the development of healthcare systems, with the highest technology on cloud for procedure management and diagnostic imaging.

The company was born in 2016, based on the perception of the lack of tools that could operate in an integrated manner, capable of storing, processing and providing professionals with the necessary information for a fast and efficient healthcare service. The team has over 25 years of experience with management software.

Today, it offers innovative solutions for automating processes and services. The main focus is the use of technology to generate tools that meet the difficulties encountered in healthcare and personalization to achieve maximum efficiency.



Develop innovative healthcare solutions by optimizing time, reducing costs and preserving the environment.


To be a reference in the development of technology solutions for healthcare.


We constantly invest in innovation and technology because we believe these are important tools for transforming society and we create solutions that are widely used for health and environmental care.
See here our registrations, certifications and awards!
SBIS 2019
Dr. Nuvem also has SBIS-CFM Certification in the NGS2 category proving that the software meets the health information security and privacy requirements.
Dr. TIS wins the 2019 Health Leaders Award in the PACS / RIS Technology category.
Promoted by Grupo Mídia, the award recognizes companies that stood out in the health sector last year.
Unpublished research by the magazine Medicina S / A highlighted the most innovative health institutions and companies in 2019. Among them, Dr. TIS
In accordance with the requirements of the National Health Surveillance Agency, Dr. TIS has registration 81723330001 for Dr. Nuvem 3.0 Software.
Our products comply with the 1996 US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards, with AWS secure environment for processing, maintaining and storing protected health-related information.