Benefits of hiring a multiplatform web PACS solution

Benefits of hiring a Multiplatform PACS web solution

Technology is a great ally when it comes to the excellence of health services. It plays a key role in maintaining health, generating a major positive impact in the area.

It is in this scenario that the multi-platform PACS web enters, which transformed radiology and is currently considered one of the essential requirements in the health area.

Its features are many and increase every day. Therefore, we list the main benefits of hiring a multiplatform PACS web solution.


After all, what is PACS?

In a simple way, PACS is an image communication and archiving system. It digitally stores images and reports.

Thus, it is not necessary to use the old method, that is, to archive, retrieve, transport and manually distribute the material.


What are the benefits of hiring a multiplatform PACS solution?

PACS improves efficiency, cost reduction, agility and other advantages.The benefits are vast. Therefore, we highlight the most important:

Enhanced analysis

The digital images provided by PACS allow to enlarge and operate for a more elaborate analysis.

In addition, PACS offers simultaneous image viewing. This feature is especially valuable for collaboration between radiologists, as this way, they can analyze the case at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that PACS produces high definition images, which allows for a more accurate diagnosis. With it, it is possible to create 3D images of:

  • Fabrics;
  • Bodies;
  • Blood vessels;
  • Among other topics.


Better organized patient data

When radiology reports are stored digitally, information is organized in a more orderly manner. In addition, through the software, doctors can more easily access patient files.

However, patients can enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Less radiation exposure;
  • Less need to resume images;
  • Faster examinations, as patients do not need to be re-examined;
  • Less chance of side effects.


Affordable usability

One of the best benefits of hiring a multiplatform web PACS solution is its affordable usability. The program allows several customizations to facilitate the use of the software.

Besides that, PACS provides a platform for easy integration with other automation systems.


Cost reduction

Without the need to print radiological films and physical space for storage, costs are greatly reduced.

In addition, the hospital can rest assured that all images are stored in the cloud. Therefore, there is no risk of losing data abruptly, as in a flood, for example.



The ease of this process increases the productivity of professionals, after all, PACS optimizes time and streamlines the service.

Especially since the radiologist will not waste time waiting for the exam, as the images can be viewed on the computer screen.


Other benefits of multiplatform PACS

The software has been modernizing over time, so there are several benefits that the multiplatform PACS web can still offer, such as:

  • Remote access;
  • Better hospital management due to improved communication;
  • Implementation of PACS in other medical areas, such as oncology, pathology, dermatology and others;
  • Reduction of identical images, which promotes more efficient data management.

If you want to know more about the multiplatform PACS web, fill out our interest form. It will be a pleasure to take all your doubts.