Benefits of UX Design in Medical Radiology Systems: RIS and PACS

Benefits of UX Design in Medical Radiology Systems: RIS and PACS


The UX (User Experience) appears today as a fundamental solution for the company that wants to improve the customer or user experience in relation to its technological solutions, in whatever area (education, health, leisure, etc.)

This possibility can guarantee several benefits. This is especially the case for technological solutions aimed at medical radiology, such as RIS (Radiology Information Systems) and PACS (Image Archiving and Communication System).

Next, know the main ones.

Ensures a complete product / without much need for adjustments

One of the first and most important benefits is that UX, due to the fact that it is a work methodology that focuses on the user experience, guarantees the delivery of a complete and efficient product, without major adjustments.

It is common, when software does not apply UX in its development process, to make several adjustments to the solution in order to ensure that it is closer to the expectations of the end user.

In the case of medical radiology systems (RIS and PACS), this can be a great advantage.

Increases ease of use

UX is a working methodology that can help make a system easier to use by those who often do not have as much experience with this type of technology.

In other words, UX helps the system development team to adopt an informational architecture and functions that are easy to use, which, in practice, can increase the efficiency of the sector, as well as productivity. strong>

Generally, the final solution has a intuitive interface , easily understood by those who need to use it.

Reduces costs

In the process of developing a system, one must take into account everything that is necessary so that it does not escape its scope and thus guarantee an excellent experience for the end user.

In other words, it is essential that in its creation process it is observed what some experts call stories (a kind of technique that ensures that the development team does not escape the scope of the project).

By observing the objectives of the system, costs are reduced with: development time and development and rework costs.

More agile service

Often, systems like the ones we highlighted at the beginning of this content (RIS and PACS) are used not only as an administrative tool, but also as a support for performing customer / patient care.

In this sense, it is essential to highlight that applying UX to RIS and PACS can guarantee a more efficient, agile service, since the person responsible for this operation will have an easy to use, intuitive system.

As we have seen, UX presents itself as a fundamental solution in the process of creating / developing a system such as RIS and PACS, since it guarantees benefits that are essential to optimize processes or operations, giving the company greater efficiency and productivity.


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