Find out what are the benefits of Teleradiology

Find out what are the benefits of Teleradiology

Saiba quais são os benefícios da Telerradiologia

The medical field is one of the first to benefit from new equipment and technologies that bring efficiency to the treatment of patients. Recently, medical sectors have been investing in teleradiology, a way to obtain test results and deliveries through telecommunication.

One of the reasons for the growth in use is the strengthening of this market. It is estimated that by 2026 the world teleradiology market will reach revenues of 10.7 billion dollars. This means that more and more this technology will be present in the offices. See below the 5 benefits provided by teleradiology.


1. Patient satisfaction

Medical services are still a challenge for most medical professionals and Brazilian patients themselves. There are not always adequate services where they live, which is why many people need to travel to resort to the necessary ones. But this situation is close to ending teleradiology, which will result in increased patient satisfaction.

The patient who needs quick results is more supported by the diagnostic imaging. All treatment is faster and more efficient. And, like every patient, the professional also needs agility, either to improve the service or to build customer loyalty.


2. Remote actuation

Teleradiology has become an essential resource for remote care. In the past, hospitals, clinics and health centers suffered with the delay of reports, shortage of professionals in distant regions, high cost to bring services to rural communities, among others.

Delivery times are now fast, favoring urgent examinations in these remote regions. In addition, the population realizes that the quality of care is high, which adds to the diffusion of technology.


3. Speed ​​and convenience in service

The new teleradiology solution has modernized care by digitizing traditional radiological devices. It is possible to have a standardization of reports, making specialist doctors act quickly and simply.

There are studies, proving that the patient started to have a faster and more efficient diagnosis. With this, companies retain customers and public institutions guarantee efficiency in serving the population.


4. Increased productivity

In addition to agility and practicality, which already improve productivity, teleradiology allows the service to work at all times. A study released in 2019 on the state of teleradiology in the previous year showed that even smaller hospitals are able to offer exams 24 hours a day. The service has become extensive, and the population served already has a quick result.


5. Scope of service

The market involving teleradiology has grown, making the technology more accessible to companies and institutions of all sizes. As a result, in 2019 the practice of imaging exams increased enormously, starting to provide services to different sections of the population.

Therefore, teleradiology is a partner for the growth of your business, as it allows you to expand the service, taking the service to remote areas.

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