How important is PACS in the Cloud for your institution?

Why is a PACS in the Cloud so important to your medical institution?

Por que um PACS na Nuvem é tão importante para a sua instituição médica?

PACS stands for “Picture Archiving and Communication System”, that is, a communication and image archiving system. In the medical field, it provides an intelligent platform to store patient data, making it easier to work with the most diverse resources. In this article, we’ll show you why a PACS in the Cloud is so important to your medical institution.

PACS in the Cloud ends up decreasing storage costs and allows you to share exams and generate reports and reports. In addition, it has total security with features that avoid any risk. Below we describe all these advantages a little more.


PACS Cloud Benefits for Your Medical Institution



Since all medical files are stored online, you are not restricted from local servers to access them. Through any device with internet, whether desktop or mobile, you can get the file wherever you are.



System security is one of the most important factors. After all, the business depends on the preservation of your files, and problems arising from this can even compromise profit. Unfortunately, a system dependent on a dedicated server can bring problems such as hardware failures, problems with equipment or even intrusions.

PACS in the Cloud, on the other hand, uses certified encryption, a protocol for transferring and sending images and certifications that prove the security and privacy requirements. With that, you have complete security on patient data.


Optimization in the Issuance of Reports

When it is necessary to issue reports, the job becomes much simpler. PACS allows you to issue directly on the system. In addition, there is no time limit for the conclusion of the report, as the user can save it in the system to finish at another time. Upon completion, the report can be printed or even shared digitally.


Dashboards and Reports

The system control panel contains the most varied resources and access levels based on the needs of each user. Results management has functions such as generating fundamental reports for the efficient execution of medical operations.


Online Results

The patient’s examination can be consulted entirely on the internet. As the entire system is in the cloud, you can access the results on any device with an Internet connection.


List of Studies

Another very important resource is access to recent studies on the case in question. As soon as you enter the system, you have an overview of the term, status and type of exam information. To facilitate your search, you can even filter out specific studies.



Since you are not investing in a dedicated server and a team allocated to perform related tasks, you save a lot. In addition, the maintenance of physical systems is constant, and the risks you take bring losses and high costs.

Cloud PACS does not have any of these limitations. You acquire the system with the security and efficiency you need, which will optimize your work.

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