Learn the importance of SBIS certification for PACS and Report Center

Learn the importance of SBIS Certification for PACS and Report Center


When it comes to health, all safety that involves procedures in the area must be based on the highest possible quality standards. The certifications for PACS and Central de Laudos are one of the guarantees that health professionals have that they can trust the services provided. In this text, we will talk about the importance of SBIS certification.

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What is SBIS

SBIS is the acronym for the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics (Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde). The non-profit association has existed since 1986 with the purpose of combining knowledge in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with knowledge in health sciences, in order to offer patients and industry professionals efficient solutions and safety standards in the area.

Therefore, SBIS brings together several players in the health technology and information technology market, in addition to doctors, nurses, biomedical and other professionals in the sector in order to establish criteria and certifications for products and services in the market that use ICT within the treatment. in health.

In practice, it promotes events for those involved and grants certifications for software and equipment used by health professionals in the area of ​​information security, legal regulation for electronic medical records (PEP / RES) and paper saving in health management.

Why it is important to have SBIS certification

As one of the oldest, most consolidated and most respected associations in the sector, the certification provided by SBIS is a testament to quality, safety and efficiency for information technology products and services within healthcare.

That is, when checking the existence of SBIS certification, doctors, businessmen and shareholders in the health area can be more confident in relation to the quality of the investment they will be making in a certain product or service.

Health is a delicate topic. Not infrequently, medical errors or technical problems end up resulting in costly lawsuits by patients. Therefore, SBIS certification is a way for health professionals to prevent the occurrence of this type of problem, since to obtain certification, services must have a high standard of excellence.

SBIS certification in PACS and Report Center

As systems that analyze health information, PACS and Central de Laudos are considered Electronic Health Record Systems (S-RES). SBIS certification has been built in a technical-scientific partnership with the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) since 2002.

SBIS audits certified systems in order to guarantee users (both professionals and patients) that reports, electronic medical records, image exams and other electronic documents in the health area have their integrity preserved and their confidentiality guaranteed only to authorized persons. to access them.

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