Dr. Nuvem – PACS

Ativo 10@2x
Picture Archiving and Communication System
Complete solution for archiving medical images in the cloud, lowering your cost of storage, giving you complete freedom for remote access, avoiding the need to keep teams allocated for analysis and sharing exams with the patient.

Maximum Intensity Projection – MIP
Minimun Intensity Projection – MinIP


Projection of Maximum and Minimum Intensity are techniques that apply intensity attenuations to structures to manipulate CT images, highlighting small vessels, bronchioles and contrast points.


100% cloud and 100% web without the need for a local server. Dr.Nuvem – PACS is compatible and optimized for all platforms with desktop and mobile access.


Management and transmission of images with full HIPPA certified standard encryption. DICOM protocol for transferring or sending images, where we guarantee the security of patient data. SBIS-CFM certification in the NGS2 category proving that the software meets the health information security and privacy requirements.
Nor will you need to hire servers for Exam Storage or save to hard drives, at the risk of loss.
Report Emission Optimization


Dr. Nuvem allows the issuance of reports directly in the system. In addition, the user can start the report and save it to finish at another time. Once finalized, the report may be printed or shared digitally.
Dashboards and Reports


Control panel with access levels as needed for management report management.

Multiplanar Reconstruction – MPR


Multiplanar Reconstruction is a technique that allows you to reconstruct images to another viewing plane from a single series. Allowing the analysis of the exam in different sections (coronal, axial or sagittal), including oblique sections, which contributes to the visualization of the structures in three-dimensional form. MPR oblíquo Permite que os usuários revisem melhor as estruturas que não estão na acquisition orientation or orthogonal views;


Agile diagnostics with an integrated report center, providing remote report sharing, resulting in a greater offer of services to clinics and patients.
Online Results


Dr. Nuvem offers the Results Portal, where your exam can be consulted over the Internet, just by having a connection.


Upon entering the system it is possible to have an overview of recent studies, with information indicating, among other things, the timing, status and type of the exam. The exam listing can be filtered as desired so that specific studies can be found.
Zero Footprint Viewer


Web viewer integrated with PACS, compatible with all modalities and processes MPR / MIP / MinIP and 3D, with an Integrated Reporting Center. Comparison between MPR and MIP. Multiple 3D images can be compared at the same time.