Dr. Nuvem – RIS

Radiological Information System
Complete solution for managing your institution, from scheduling to procedures and billing.


Full traceability of all processes with changes and data insertions in the platform. Full control for audit runs


Responsive platform, compatible with all platforms and web browsers.


Total agility in care. Security in the eligibility of information with gloss reduction.
Queue Management


Intelligent queue control, tailored to the organizational model of each institution.


Worklist fully integrated with PACS, avoiding retyping and exact monitoring in the execution of exams by modality, linked to an intelligent report center.


100% web solution with simple interface for reporting, linked to the business rules of each agreement and institution according to TISS standards.
Results Delivery


Web results portal with total security and confidentiality of results, integrated viewer with area for requesting physician, agreements and patients. Possibility of control of results through the evolutionary report.