Dr. Nuvem – Scheduling Module

Scheduling for diagnostic centers


Diagnostic Center Appointment Scheduling Module is a 100% web-based system with a user-friendly and responsive interface. It offers better control of exams by decreasing gloss frequency, average attendance time and no-show; facilitates the organization of exams; Provides better medical time management vs. procedure rooms, and offers smartphone scheduling providing more convenience for your patients.
Mobile Scheduling


Application developed to provide the patient with agility and comfort in scheduling exams. For clinics, cost reduction and management of future appointments.
Health Care Scheduling


The same functionality as the diagnostic center scheduling system is also found in the healthcare scheduling system: exam organization; decreased frequency of glosses; no-show and medical time management X procedure rooms, providing more convenience to patients by scheduling exams by smartphone. It is noteworthy that the system follows the scheduling rules required by ANS for health care providers bringing more security making the process more agile.

The Worklist organizes the patients’ entrance and integrates the information with the equipment that will be used for the exam. With this 100% web solution and user-friendly interface, this module provides greater security to patient data and makes the entire process more agile.